Hey guys, we have posted music up here before, but we have a couple new songs up too. Check out our Myspace page:


All of the live recordings are new, but our two new songs are The Dream and In the dark.

let us know what you think, thanks. And feel free to leave comments on the page too.
your live tracks are not balanced very well and when the louder parts kick in its tough to make everything out. from what i could hear you have some good song ideas and have a nice flow. you don't really sound like anyone else which is good. i liked the untitled track but thought the acoustic/rhythm guitar was way to loud and would better suite the song in more of a support role for added effect.

here's a link to my stuff (very different from yours)

Yeah, in the "live" recordings we just set up a mic in the back of the room and played as if we were playing a show. We didn't do any kind of editing or anything, so they are ver rough.