Hey there fellow guitar flingers!
I've been sifting through UG for quite awhile and just recently decided to open an account. This site is awesome! There is so much useful information here!

Anyway, check out my band - Wickedess' most recent song - "Through Dying Eyes" if you'd like. This was my first attempt at recording my guitars with Guitar Rig 3 and impulses. My guitars/drums/mixes sound much beter these days, but i'm open to any feedback or suggestions you guys may have.

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- Aedryan
Hi there,

I've really tried to listen to this track but I'm struggling to evaluate from a songwriting perspective because I'm being too distracted by the following issues:

1. Guitar sound- thin and quite wide- have you tried double tracking? introduce some low mids and mid to your guitar tone as well, it sounds like you might have used some virtual width plugin or something on the guitar as well. Basically at the moment i'm finding that the guitar tone is too thin for me to tell what's going on with it most of the time

2. Drum sound, i don't know what you've used to program the drums but they sound very alien from the rest of the track- tonewise they sound very artificial- also a lot of the drumbeats sound very broken up, in some of the more exotic sections try keeping a straight 4/4 rhythm going in the hands and hi hats and just mixing up the bass drum as much as you can so the track doesnt lose momentum

3. levels, get those keys down! completely dominating the track and for someone who doesnt really like organ sounds that sort of kills the track for me

vocals sound alright though

Hope this helps, and if you make some changes i'll gladly give it another listen.

xx Matt
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Hi Matt,
Thanks a lot for taking time to listen and offer some feedback. It is very much appreciated! This mix definitely has a few issues for sure. As I had said, my drums and guitars sound much better now. I just have to go back and apply the changes to this mix and remix it. It's a never ending learning process! GRRR! It gets better every time though! For my drums I use drumkit From Hell 2, by the way and I absolutely love it! The way i'm mixing my drums these days, they sound soooo much better. My cymbols come through nice and clear and the kick, snare and toms rip your face off.

As far as the guitars go, yeah... They're definitely a little thin. I really pushed the mids on them in that mix. I'd give anything if I could find someone to let me *AHEM* "borrow" a serial key for MK III! *hint-hint* Guitar Rig 3 is pretty kick ass with impulses, but tone-wise it's pretty one dimensional. The amp sims in MK III have soooo much more tone control and warmth!

Thanks again, Matt!

- Aedryan