I've just started a new band and we play classic rock, motown and some stuff from the 90s. I've been playing mostly country for the past 15 years so my set up was for that, ya don't have to do very many screaming leads for that but now I'm trying to get that crunchy hard drive sound that will give me a lot of sustain when I play above the 12th fret kinda like SRV. Right now pedal wise I use all Boss, distortion, compressor, chorus, delay, noise gate and tuner with a 89 hard tail strat. All this goes directly into my 74 Fender Pro Reverb so when I'm jamming along and go up to say the 15th fret everything just falls out the bottom and sounds like a $2.00 guitar.
so is it my guitar, my amp Does it need to be re-tubed. I'm looking into getting an amp with an effects loop so my signal bypasses the pre amp. Any thoughts?????
yeah...trade some of those boss pedals in for some higher quality stuff. also, you have changed the tubes out since the amp was made in 74 right? if not, that could be a problem.
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