Hey, so this is my first song, I guess its kinda hardcore? I dunno, I just went with it haha. Anyways, tell me what you think, I'll crit4crit.
not to shabby man, some of the notes kinda colide a bit in some parts, but hey, it's a good start, I'd be quite happy if my first song was this good
Well let's start with the piano parts.
The slow piano which plays alone got a very good melody, you find the mood of the song from the first note. The "running" section is just amazing. It really gives this song a great flow.
Your transitions could be better. Maybe some leading chord into the next gives a better flow.
You guitar work is pretty good, especially when it gets fast.
The slow part is not that good. I don't really think it fits the rest of the song.
But overall a very good first try.

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8½/10, I really liked many parts, especiallythe pianos and the faster part. Tho the "sweeping" part or whatever it is, wasn't so good imo.
you need to re-add the bass in actual bass tuning. right now its tuned the same as guitars.