Hello, I just started to play the electric guitar(picked it up on Wednesday), can somebody answer my questions:

1. If I practice an hour a day will this be enough? (Quite busy!)

2. What should I learn first? (Chords, scales or tabs)

3.I have trouble pushing down on the fret board (It sometimes does not produce any noise) did this happen to everybody starting out?

4.How long will it take for me to get calluses on my fingers (regarding the fact about practicing an hour a day) and how can I improve the time so I can get calluses quicker?

5. If I practice for an hour a day how long will it be till I can play Paranoid(one of my favorite songs) and Smoke on the water?

6. Is it worth investing in a tutor?

I thank you in advance for answering my questions. I apologies if this is the wrong place, I am new to this forum.
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1. Starting out this should be fine.

2. I would suggest all three.

3. I would assume your fingers need strengthening, which should happen soon enough.

4. For me, I practiced a lot, and it took about a month, but it varies.

5. For those songs, it shouldn't take too long at all.

6. Absolutely. If they're good, they can help you more than anyone. I'm still really happy that I did, because websites and books can really only get you that far.
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1. It's plenty, a lot of people have to settle for 30 min a day.

2. Chords and simple songs. Then go for scales and harder songs.

3. Almost everyone has such problems in the beginning. It'll get better, without you even noticing it.

4. Depends. A month I'd say, since it's electric.

5. No idea, that's up to you man. Read some columns on effective practice, and you'll be playing songs soon enough.

6. Yeah. Although I didn't, but your practice will certainly be more efficient with a tutor.
Of course one hour per day will be enough, doing it right .

You should begin to study your chords, then move to scales to know what scales fit over what chords, and at the same time begin to learn some songs that you like to see how they are used in a song.

Be aware of every movement you make with the guitar, and be aware of every sound you do with it, don't just play waiting it sounds good.

Calluses are formed from constant stress over the skin (I don't know if that's the term, but I'm still improving my english ), so the more you practice, the more quickly they are formed. I practice the same time as you and they feel in my skin after a week or two I return to practice.

With the full solo, and with just an hour used wisely, maybe two or three or four months, is up to you.

If you don't know how to practice and what to practice and study, of course it is.

And by the way, welcome around
The other posters pretty much hit everything on the head, and I really think you should get a teacher, that way you not only get better faster, but people usually practice more and enjoy playing more when they get a teacher