Alright so I just wanted to point out something that's been really useful and I don't think many people take advantage of it enough. It has to deal with searching for pages on the web that you already know exist. I am using Firefox for this.

So lets say you aren't a fan of bookmarking the UG pit forum page, and say you wanted to get to the pit. You could go to ultimate-guitar.com, click forums, click the pit, and be there in a couple clicks. You could also do this cool trick, type in "ug pit" without the quotes into the address bar. If you hit go, chances are the pit will load right away.

You can also use this for other purposes. If you wanted to know the imdb of someone, simply type their name into the address bar and it will direct you there. If you want to find the wiki of something, you can type "Wiki XXXXX" and it will come up.

Try some combination's, sometimes it won't load the page directly, but in those instances it will just redirect to a google search.

And that's about it.
Any spelling or grammatical errors written above are because of my inferior brain to yours. Good job, you won life.
Pit is the top of my firefox "awesome bar" most of the time anyway...

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