After getting my B52 Im going to get a new Bridge Pickup to replace my sub par Duncan Designed Detonator. Ive already decided on a Neck Pickup (DiMarzio Air Norton). And Am looking for a Bridge Pickup.

Guitar- Jackson RR3 (Alder)
Amp- B52 AT 112 60W Combo
Sound- I play a lot of Heavy Metal. Metallica mostly from the Black album and Reload (but between you and me, its cuz Im not really fast enough to play a lot of their earlier stuff) Quiet Riot, Saxon, Judas Priest, Some Maiden, Some Sabbath, some Accept, some Diamond Head and Blitzkrieg. But also some newer stuff like Rammstein (Industrial), Papa Roach, Disturbed, and Trapt (Alt. Metal)

Im looking for a pickup thats very hot/ has high output. Good Sustain. And sounds good for both Rhythm and Lead. Muchos Gracias UG.
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