I got bored and started messing around with my guitar and got this.

If you don't like odd time signatures I wouldn't even bother opening this.

EDIT: I really had trouble with drums in the first 4 bars so gimme a break
epic mehtuhl.gp5
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First off i'm gonna suggest Adding a GP4 and a midi, as not everyone has GP5...

And that little warning about the drums make me somewhat reluctant to liste, but here i am so i may aswell...

Well, i have to say thank god the drums aren't 'random.' They may not be as structured as you like (i find it hard to write drums for a lot of odd times aswell) but they aren't so random that they make me wanna turn it off.

1-10 It's nice and all, but i can't help but feel it falls short in comparison to...
12-19 Pretty damn cool. Not really a fan of the drums matching the trem picking, but apart from that everything here is good.
20-23 I love 7/8. The drums are probably the highlight here
24+ The ascending riff is alright, but by itself it don't really like it. Once it changes to 4/4 and you have the alternation between the chords and the riff, it gets better.