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Techno Viking
1 50%
Professor Badass
1 50%
Voters: 2.
Who will win the battle for ultimate internet awesome?

In the red corner; Techno Viking!

This is a man who will take your house and forcibly dance his way through it til all that remains is a smoldering pile of rubble. This is a man in motion who cannot be stopped, a living breathing, dancing fool. But don't dare call him a fool, lest he wreck you amidst a flurry of techno dancing awesomeness.

In the Blue corner: Professor Badass!

This guy is equal parts Shaft, Lex Luthor and Doctor Who. If anybody was going to possess superpowers, but still be cool about it, it’s Professor Badass. He looks like he controls both time and panties. He looks like a man who would, if you offended him, promptly knock you unconscious with a single blow. And when you awoke - terrified to find yourself stranded in the Cretaceous Period - you’d have to just watch in helpless awe as he pleasured your girlfriend on top of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Somehow the pink loafers only make him look less gay.