I know this is a stupid question, but I don't like the feeling of the neck on an LP100, and I love thin necks like Strat or Ibanez necks. Could one of those possibly fit my Les Paul?
Probably not they're two different scale lengths....
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Epi bolt necks use a very different neck pocket than a fender does. And of course the scale length issue.
yeah don;t think it would work. Sell your LP maybe and get a strat or ibanez
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yeah don;t think it would work. Sell your LP maybe and get a strat or ibanez

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What is it you dont like about the LP100 neck? The 1 on mine is much thinner than a regular LP neck. Plays alot like my 2 strats. But I had to sand the fretboard level and refret it to get it to play good.
Ibby uses 25.5 scale, Epiphone as far as I know uses standard Gibson scale, which I beleive is 24.75. That would be a major problem, and would leave your guitar permantly out of tune on most notes.

Not to mention the completely different shapes of the heels, and I'm fairly sure that Epiphone uses the Set-Neck joint, just like Gibson.

So..the answer is no.

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the lp100 is a bolt on
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Well having taken apart a LP100 and compared it to a strat the neck pockets arent even close in specs.
ibanez neck are wider than epi/gibson neck i think for most of them ... my rga is 58 mm ,

the longer scale may not be a problem if the longer iby 24 fret neck compensate to make the 24 3/4 of the gibson a 25 1/2 ... but im not sure at all.. youre gonna have to take the tape measure out for this