Say if I use a specific cable and change into a different brand will it make it sound different?

another question Do I have to use the same brand cable if i'm using a pedal?
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What? Different cables do affect sound if thats what you're asking.
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its not really BRAND, sort of, the better quality the better sound
but more importantly is length

short cables work best

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they do a bit. not as much as the price would make it seem, but really the bigger price is usually a guarantee for longer lasting cables. and there's no reason why you would have to use the same cable brand if you're using pedals.
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it kinda' is about brand in the sense that some brands make quality, while others make crap. while length is important, you still gotta have some stand-off. a quality cable will keep your signal strong and be resilient to interferrance/noise.
...and idk what the **** you're asking about using a pedal maker's cables? is that it? well, if it is, then the answer is no.
Yes, believe it or not they do. I recorded using two cables and played them back and there was a differance.

A big differance.......no..........but a differance nonetheless.
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And you're right

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