Edit: I meant to say thrash for the thread title but the spell check on my computer changed it to to trash sorry.

I'm looking to start an online thrash band. We will play megadeth anthrax and metallica kind of music as well as iron maiden and judas priest. I play lead guitar. We will need a good singer a bass player a drummer and maybe a good rythem guitarist. If you guys have guitar pro we can email tabs and email lyrics to eachother. If we can't find a drummer we can just use drum loops that I have on my computer. I have about 500 high quality metal drum loops. I have pro tools so you can send me your recorded tracks and I can mix them together. The best way to write songs would to have the rythem guitar play a whole song then add drums then bass add solos and fills and then lyrics. If you are interested contact:

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Your drum loops will be easier. It is very hard getting a good real drummer on here, and even if you can, most of them can't record the drums very well.