Had anyone even made an NVD before? Regardless, here goes...

No fancy unboxing pics here or anything. Just two and a half modifications made to my Gibson SG Standard. Here's the guitar when it was stock:

(that's a lie, it's not stock here...note the non-puke green tuners. Silver Grovers ftw)

So I decided to slap the P90 from my Firstact Custom Shop PW580 into the neck position. I mean, who doesn't love P90s in the neck? A crazy person, that's who.

Hey! What's that funny horseshoe thing doing where the bridge goes? You can't put strings on that! But wait, maybe you can with...

A bigsby B5 vibrato! Suh-weet!
(side note: let's all pretend I didn't string it incorrectly, mmk?)

So basically, this thing sounds incredible. Everyone is sleeping, so it's just Champ 600 cleans for tonight, but tomorrow I can rip open the Blues Jr and see what damage this P90 can do. I'm also brushing up on ever surf/rockabilly/psychobilly song I know so I can use this vibrato.
I would apologize for the crappy cell phone pics, but they're actually really awesome cell phone pics thanks to my new Blackberry Tour (oh come on, it's a thread for me to show off, I'm allowed to brag about my phone)!

There you have it! My GAS is satisfied for another week or so...

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That's a great looking guitar, man. Most SGs I really don't like but I love them when they're modded... I don't know why.
Very nice! Congrats on the awesome modifications.
A P90 AND a Bigsby, damn, what more could you ask for on an SG?
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Looks fantastic, I've never been a huge SG fan, because they're too common, everyone gets the Epiphone in the Standard Cherry, and there's no variety. Your SG however is ace, I love it, nice to have a bit of wow factor. Bigsby bridges really are classy.
I'm not a fan of the actual vibrato piece, but i remember seeing an SG (i think it was Angus Youngs) with just a bigsby bridge piece and no whammy/vibrato bar. TAHT looked friggin coolio.
That looks great man, I want clips of this thing in action through the Blues Jr.
How does the bigsby go with the bridge there? Do you get any strings going out of tune from it or is it pretty good for holding tune?
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Can you give me a link to that P-90 you've got in that neck? I wants it

FirstAct don't sell them separately from what I can tell. It's an AlNiCo V and it rocks. Check GFS for their Dream/Mean 90s, basically the same thing and wicked cheap.

I'll have clips up in the next few days, I'm working full time so it's tough to play for a few hours when nobody is sleeping.

I also fixed the middle pic of the VibraMate, which was apparently missing before. That should clear up a tiny bit of confusion and also make it apparent that I do not posses an ounce of drilling skills. This thing was totally worth the $40, especially since the B5 was only $115. I ended up paying less than the price of a Bigsby from a store(free shipping to boot!). Thanks, eBay!

Oh, and as for tuning I can't really say quite yet. The strings are brand new so they're still stretching. I lubed up the bridge and nut with some graphite so we'll see if that helps any. I'm gonna pick up a roller bridge when I get some more money.
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if i could change one thing, it get a bigsby that goes right the the very end of the guitar, rather than finishing short. but man thats ace .. i've always wanted to do that to an sg
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The reason I have a short tail bigsby is so I can use a vibramate, making the entire modification reversible and simple.
Telecaster - SG - Jaguar
Princeton Reverb, Extra Reverb
P-Bass - Mustang Bass
Apogee Duet 2 - Ableton Suite
yeah I love bigsby. good job man!
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Looks like one of the best SGs I've seen.
Sunn O))):
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