I got in the mood last night to finally do some recording so I found a few backing tracks on youtube I liked and jammed over them. I put all the songs on my "Band" page, though I'd hardly call it a band.


I've only been playing a bit over a year now so theres quite a few mistakes in there, I had some trouble keeping up with the tempo at points. A few times I just couldn't think of what to play, which is why there are a few awkward studders and funky rhythms that don't quite fit, but then it settles back into something coherent.

I'm still working on my improvisation so criticism is very welcome.
Very good for the amount of time you've been playing. But some of the bends are really awkward, and you're too focused on trying to play quickly (especially with the tremolo picking) - try "taking a breath" between phrases like a brass or woodwind player would. Also watch for drifting out of key. Still though for just over a year you're doing great.

Check out mine (myspace link in the sig). I actually use the same backing track as you for one or two of my songs.
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It was pertty good, especially for someone thats only been playing a year, the only thing I would change is cut back on the distortion in the 80's jam song, and slow down a bit in there. I also listened to the B minor blues jam, I think you have some reverb going there, its very light though, I personaly dont like reverb in blues, but IDK your prefrence.