I just bought a set of Kerly Sinister Strings .14-.58 (for a 7-string, not using the .11) and I've never used this heavy of a gauge on my guitar (ESP LTD F-50) before.

Does anyone know what kind of adjustment I should make on the truss before putting these babies on? I've been using .12-.52.
probably shouldnt have to worry about a truss rod adjustment unless you get a whole lot of rattle.

You do however want to be sure your bridge saddles are going to be able to withstand heavy gauge punishment.

My buddy put really heavy strings on his guitar, and his E string saddle got wore down pretty bad becuase of the string grinding it away. Just somthing to watch.
with your .12's on, hold down the first, and twenty-fourth frets on the low-E string, measure and write down the distance between the twelfth fret and the string above it (it shouldn't be any more than the width of a few credit cards.) Put your .14's on and make the same measurement in a week or two. If there's a very noticeable difference then you should make a truss rod adjustment.
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Out of curiousity, why are you using such heavy strings in the first place?
I went straight from 0.9's on my new LTD F-401 to Flatwound 15's. To my surprise, I needed no truss rod adjustment to play in B standard. What are you tuning to? If it's standard or anything near it you're gonna have trouble.
No, I won't be tuning to standard. I'll be utilizing A standard for my own material, and I play a lot of songs in B standard. I just can't achieve the height of my playing with .12s as they get so loose going that low.

Thanks for the advice, I'll be using all of it!