In my mind dwell piles of dirt
Keeping poor house, they fester like sores
And inundate me with thoughts of sex
Unscrewing my top, I reveal the contents to a passing woman
Who scrunches her nose in disgust
And when they miss their rent on the first month
I evict them
Squatting for awhile causing me no end of trouble
I embrace a higher calling
And they are gone

My new tenants are stacks of books
They keep me up late at night
Shaking my foundation
And defying the clocks who live with me
Years go by, sleepless, and l squint
Stepping out into the sun
"Enough of them" I decide
And burn them all

In their place comes Good and Evil
And I sleep with both of them
I am a fickle mistress, and long for each
Their jealousy is my advantage
And, delighting in predictability, I court each for awhile
Before I leave them both homeless

Nostalgia overwhelming as I cultivate such a home
And to avoid repeating past mistakes
I plant a few weeds in the garden

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I am seriously impressed with this. I really, really enjoyed it. I loved the metaphor of having your thoughts or the things that consume your mind as tenants and you evicting them at will. My eyes kinda just moved from one line to the next, down the page, seamlessly. It was a very enjoyable read.

There's not one things I would change about it.

The last lines you wrote: "And to avoid repeating past mistakes / I plant a few weeds in the garden": I feel that that is so true. I think it's kind of a way to humble oneself, how we constantly remind ourselves of our past trangressions, our regrets, our mistakes, but we do so consciously. I get this image of a landlord tidying up the garden next to his apartment building, who sees weeds growing in his garden but lets them grow on nevertheless. Great imagery, great writing.
here, My Dear, here it is
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