Hi all

im new to guitar really and a few of my mates recommended to pick up a crafter to learn with. I got one on ebay for 100 quid second hand and wanted to know if its any good, the guy said he paid 350 a few years back the model is FRG-250E electro acoustic.
Is this a good guitar because im worried coz i cant find anything on it?



ps i had posted this already in the wrong section so had to move it, sorry if any of you guys had read this before, im not meaning to be a pain in the a**
I know someone on here somewhere has the same model also so wanted a bit of input prom them if possible
Hi Markh29!
Welcome to the world of guitar! Yeah, I see you've moved your post now and you'll probably get a good selection of answers. I would love to comment on the guitar but I can't find where it is, maybe I'm not looking good enough but oh well.

The question is really up to you. Everyone has their own unique taste in guitar. Firstly, ask yourself what kind of music you want to play, like country, rock, fingerpicking etc. And this will be the start of you asking whether it is a good guitar or not. Because for country, your more likely to use steel strings, for fingerpicking your more likly to use nylon.

I reckon you got a good deal for the guitar even though I have no knowledge about it (maybe you could post some details and/or a picture? - If you don't know how to post picture see the Q&A Forum, it should be on there.) because a guitar for £100 and was once worth £350, and your first guitar.. pretty good deal i think. Although that could change if there are dents and scratches.. but the sound should be alright. But its up to you if you like it.

If I were you, I would have been a local guitar store & tried out a few guitars to get the feel of the strings and the sound. But as long as your happy with the guitar, then its fine. It's your oppion and noone elses.

Happy Playing

that is not my guitar, mine has no cut away and is a FRG not an FSG as alot seem to think, i can understand why because if you type FRG in anywhere the FSG comes up but its not the same, i will try and post some pictures
Thanks for the reply guys
Ok guys here goes with some pics, it has a passive pick up also forgot to mention


Hi Again!

Thanks for the pictures, I can finally look at what you've got. It looks nice, and according to reviews I've read that my fellow UGers have posted links to, it sounds nice. Its not really our oppion though as I said before. It's yours. Ask yourself 'Does It Sound Nice?', 'Does It Look Nice?' and 'Is it what I expected?'. Then decide to yourself if its good or not.

I expect soon you'll be wishing to learn some songs, so I will friends request you after I have sent this reply and then you can ask what songs to play if you wish, or I will send you a list of songs I recommend. It's up to you if you accept though, I don't mind.

Happy Playing