Hey, guys. Put some things on here before about amps and I have found the one I want, but of course I can't afford it yet. Something I'm going to be saving up for though. Going to be the Mesa Triple Rectifier.

So I was wondering what would be some good cabinets for this amp if anyone knows? I looked at a mesa 4x12(can't remember the wattage), but that would run the stack cost up to $3000. So if you guys could give me some information about a good speaker cabinet that would cost about $500 that would have the same impedance as the head.

1. Buy your Mesa used. They're built like tanks, and you'll save yourself a boatload of money, especially on how much of a buyer's market it is now.

2. Use the money saved to get yourself a Mills Acoustics Afternburner 4x12. It's $1000 for the cab, but it blows anything and everything out of the water. I sold all my Mesa cabs after I got this cab...they're toys compared to Mills.

And, for $2200, you have the PERFECT rectifier setup. No cab handles a rectifier like the Mills does.