There is potential dude. It's up to you what you can do with your potential. If you have the motivation to keep practicing guitar, singing, and writing songs, you should be able to do really well.

A mate of mine used to have a pretty bad singing voice, but he went to a vocal coach and found a way to make it really work for him in his songs. Now he has a very unique voice that compliments his songs really well.

Your vocals and guitar playing are all alright on these songs. Guitar playing is pretty good. Vocals are good in some parts but not so much in others. Considering you're 16 I'd say you're doing well!

I'd suggest getting vocal lessons to really project your voice. Projection is very important esp with acoustic players. Vocal coaching will also clean up any pitch problems. Def potential Alex. But it always depends on how much work you want to put into it.

Good luck.