I hope this is where this goes...

I got a Pod x3 second hand about 2 months ago, and every so often, the pod will just turn off. Sometimes it will restart, and withen 5 seconds, be back to where it was. But this is annoying, as I was prepared to use this in a gig.. and don't really want it to be turning off halfway through a set.

It was American/European or something, so I had to buy a New Zealand converter.. but that works fine.

I'm thinking about taking it into a shop, as I've got a gig in 2 weeks, just thought I'd check here first.

If it's like the pocket pod and only switches on when the guitar cable is _properly_ connected, maybe it has to do with that. I'm not sure though, but I hope you find the problem and solve it before the gig!
Thanks for the replies.

I don't think its a problem with the leads, as the POD x3 has its own power switch. Like sometimes it will just restart while I'm playing.