I really quite like it. The dadadadadada melody is very nice and catchy. It is a very good and soothing song IMO, but the backing vocals at 3:08 are abit rough sounding and should be more in the background. I really like the rhythm guitar's distorted tone!

Solid song. Great outro. C4C? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dlv302rpnHo

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I can hear alot of Bright Eyes in this. I like your mixing alot; if nothing else, theres a tiny bit too much reverb on the vox, it just doesnt match up with the acoustic guitar. and drums. Also, maybe its just my system, but the ring mod effect you have on your voice is kind of... annoying and distracts from the really nice melodies.
I thought you did a nice job with the vocals overall, but they could be louder (not mix wise but you yourself could project a bit more)

C4C - "Clypaesteroida: Iteration 4" http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Will+Terhart/music/all/play657047
sweet song man. so many people on here dont post vocals. good job. i liked them. they dident seem strained at all. good relaxed tone. i liked the rythem. i found myself humming along. cool. the background vocals before the 2 min mark kinda sound off a little bit. otherwise great job. i would buy a cd of this stuff for sure. keep it up man. im digging the distoted guitar btw. great job.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1168918
Thanks for all the feedback guys, just thought i should mention some stuff.
First of all, i'm pretty happy with the general approval from you guys, it means alot to hear that people say that would listen to your music, so once again thanks.
Secondly, the vocal effect, i hadn't realised i'd left on for the first chorus, i actually laughed when i heard it when i put it on myspace, i'd only intended for it to be a factor of the last chorus, just to add something extra to the song, so yeah i agree, it seemed a little overdone.
Luckily however, this is only a demo, so i'll be able to fix that up, and possibly add in some other stuff when i finally get these bass tracks down (i'm hoping to borrow my mate's bass sometime in the next week).

So once again, thanks.