Hello, i have a Dunlop MXR-10 band EQ that i run in the effects loop of my 6505+ before an ISP Decimator and lastnight it went wrong, when you try and touch the volume slider it POPS and cracks ridiculously loud, i took it out straight away so i wouldn't mess anything up. I'm guessing it's knackered since it's never done this before.

details: Jackson KV2>6505+>MXR10>ISP decimator>Randall XL V30 cab

i'm using mono patch cables which i assume is correct, the effects loop on the 6505+ is series loop so there should be no problems there with 2 effects in it, i'm guessing the EQ is damaged in some way...

anybody got any ideas what its doing? it sounds...... dangerous. or have i overlooked something in the setup and ****ed it up myself???

thanks in advance!
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sounds like the volume potentiometer is dirty. it's no surprise that these pedals aren't built very well hehe. open up the pedal and use some contact cleaner on the guts of the slider.

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Thanks to you guys for the help, opened the box up and sure enough there was a lump of something on the contact strip of the slider. cleaned it and it works perfectly again, cheers!!