I like the sound on Kyuss' Welcome to Sky Valley, and i want to change my pickup to get a fatter sound.

I have a Godin SD (link to review to give you an idea , mine is a 24 fret rosewood fingerboard) in a SSH configuration, with the original godin pickups. I play in standard C (de)tuning with .11 gauge strings.
The Godin single coil pickups are fine for a "Little Wing" sound, but not so useful for stoner rock. The humbucker i can't really describe how it sounds but i guess it not very high output and rather bright than fat. But i just don't know.

Now i have two options : change the humbucker to a Dimarzio super 2 like homme is supposed to have been using back then. Pros: i have the same pickup. Cons: it's not in the same position! possibly too bright sound?

Option 2: get a singlecoil sized humbucker like the Air Norton S as my neck pickup.

Pros: fatter sound due to neck position.
Cons: a) i have no idea how such a pickup sounds like; wether it's good for this kind of music or not. b) i lose the cool clean sound of my original configuration.

What advice can you give me?
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Back in the 80's I knew a guy who used a hot rails as the only pup on a Yammy RGX110. It sounded amazing in a position between conventional neck and middle. But it was very much a sound of the time. Hair rock stuff. Is that what you are looking for? It seems to me that putting one in the mid position and at some stage replacing the bridge one with something warmer will get you a nice range of sounds.
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I can usually get a stoner tone from most of my guitars, i would recommend playing around with your amp settings too.

I concur. Your amp and pedals are far more important when looking for a stoner tone. Downtuning also helps a lot. Kyuss play in C standard and it's no wonder their stuff sounds so fat and full. The bass....


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In that case i might just change the bridge humbucker for something more powerful.
I may be mistaken, but I believe Josh Homme played through bass cabinets, which presumably would be part of that sound you are looking for. What kind of amplifier do you have? Apparently (apparently), Homme used some sort of Tube Works amplifier with an Ampeg bass cabinet. This is a larger component of the sound, compared to a pickup.
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In all honesty, your amp and guitar define your tone - pickups are just the fine-tuning.
Simply put, if you're not getting a 'stoner' tone now, you're not going to get it with a new pickup either.
I think the pickups make as much to the tone than the guitar, but maybe i'm mistaken...

Anyway the amp i play on atm is a blackheart handsome devil 15w combo, i'm still waiting for a new multieffect (g9) to arrive to get the right distortion, i'll see then how stoner my sound gets when playing around with the g9.