Hi. We've just uploaded two tracks to our myspace, so now is a good time to introduce ourselves. You can find us at:


Please come and have a listen to the tracks. They pretty much represent the two opposite extremes of our sound. Let us know what you think.

Flood The Skies
Hey there

I'll warn you up front by saying- my criticism is brutal but constructive.

Just listening through the tracks-

Voices- pretty chilled out and mellow, sounds like you are trying to emulate the sound of Opeth's "Damnation" album- perhaps a bit too much, don't get me wrong it sounds really professional and done really well but in all the instrumentation it sounds very much like you are trying to copy that style. (e.g the bass and drum rhythm in the verse is identical to the rhythm in the verses of "Hope Leaves" by opeth) I don't think theres any harm in taking influence from a band but this song sounds much too Opethy for my liking- to the point where if i was in a venue with poor sound i could mistake it for a cover.

Tapeworm- Completely different in terms of style, reminds me of BLS or something, nice guitar harmony work, liking the octave chords over the riff in the choruses. I'd say the weakest thing in this song is the vocals (that doesn't mean that they are BAD, I have heard much worse vocals) just in terms of the tuning seems a bit so-so at times e.g 2:25-2:35, the note the vocalist ends on clashes with the chords quite badly and it's these clashes in the vocals that let down this song really- other than that all of it sounds pretty solid and listenable- maybe adding a little dynamics in the buildup to the solo could emphasise it a bit more (going from soft to loud) the riff leaving the solo is quite toolish. Not sure about the talkbox-vocals leaving the solo but thats just a personal preference thing. The ending is very toolish but i <3 tool so you can get away with it haha.

Overall I'm liking it, I'd watch you guys if you were supporting a band I knew, probably wouldn't buy your CD just yet, but I don't buy many CDs at the moment- so don't take that personally!

I would very much appreciate your criticism of my bands efforts:

keep rockin'

xx matt
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Cheers for the comments Matt. Constructive critisism is welcome!

Strange that Voices sounds so much like an Opeth song as I wrote it but I've never listened to the album/song you mentioned. I will have to check it out to see how they compare. Must be a coincidence as I'm not influenced by them. Our bassist is into Opeth though, so I guess his playing style is influenced by them to some degree.

Was listening to your band earlier as it happens. I liked it a lot. I will have to listen further and then I will let you know what I think on your thread.