I don't have much experience with different types of pickups so I need your help. I used to play guitar for a few years in my teens and owned a Washburn N2 back then. It had stock pickups and I don't even remember what they sounded like. I started playing again about 18 months ago and bought a Jackson JS1.

The JS1 had "crappy" Jackson JE10 pickups in it, but I thought they sounded great. Really bright and punchy. I eventually sold that guitar and bought a better Jackson though, a DX10D. The DX10D comes with Duncan Designed HB103's in it. They're the DD version of Duncan Distortions. I instantly hated the DD pickups. They're really muddy sounding to me and just overall sound like crap.

So after some asking around people reccomended the DiMarzio Fred which I put in the bridge. It definitely sounds better than the DD pickups, but I still think the JE10 pickup in my first Jackson sounded better.

Well, yesterday I bought another DX10D with the same crap DD pickups in it. It's hot pink and kicks MAJOR ass (it's in my avatar). Long story short, I'm looking to ditch these DD pickups ASAP. THe problem is I have no money at all left and won't have any for quite awhile since my wife and I are buying a house soon. As it is, she still isn't too happy about me buying another guitar.

I noticed on the Guitar Fetish/GFS site they have humbucker sets in thier clearance section for 29 bucks. I could probably come up with that. But judging by the description of them, they're hot pickups at 14K/10K. And since the DD pickups I already have are supposed to be hot pickups, I don't want to end up with the same thing I already have.


Do you think that these are possibly the same pickups? The TOG site has them listed with even hotter output than the GFS site so I don't think they're the same, but I'm considering them as well.


Anyone tried these pickups? Who do you think made them? What kind of sound do you more experienced guys think they'd sound like? As I said, the best pickups I've heard yet were bottom of the barrel Jacksons, so they might fit me well. Any info is appreciated. Out of the two, which would you go with based on what I've told you?

FWIW, if anyone has a set of humbuckers that they might want to trade for these DD pickups let me know. I've heard people say they like these DD pickups, but I hate them.