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Nothing beats Cap'n Crunch Plain.
7 27%
****in' Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch, bitch!
5 19%
Berry Cap'n Crunch dude!
8 31%
Candy?! For breakfast? It's mother****ing Resse's Puffs!
3 12%
3 12%
Voters: 26.
I searchbar'd, and found nothing.
So, Pit, which do you prefer?
Edit: Well to be fair, I've never had any Berry or Reese's, and I don't think they're sold here.
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His attack is OVER 9000
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i'm not sacrificing 3 monsters for that stupid mother****er.

My Wicked Avatar will beat his ass.


Also, Reeses FTW.
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I've never had it

I feel for you man!
Plain for me!
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His attack is OVER 9000

Lol win.

I prefer plain.
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UG Hatecrew FTW
****...stuck between good ole plain and Resses Puffs...

This is HARD!!...I am in a pickle!
Plain is obviously the best, otherwise it wouldn't be called Plain, see?
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Awesome thread is awesome

Lol thanks! So is yours!