I've been experimenting with my GE-y, (Sweet Pedal, BTW) I was wondering, if you use it, what type of a setting do you use, and what type of music style do you play? I play mainly hard rock, (Wezzer, Metallica, Rise Against), and use the Bass "V" Pattern scooping the mid range down, but I try a lot of others as well, I was curious as to what some other users do.
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GE-7 was a tone sucking fizz monkey when I tried it.

On my EQs though I tend to boost a bit around 200-300hz and around 4khz and I cut below 70hz and above 12khz.
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About the only Boss pedal you'd ever see on my board are:

modded SD-1
modded Blues Driver
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You're scooping your midrange for Weezer and RATM? Weezer is now hard rock? Do you have ears?

In all seriousness, the GE-7 is like most other Boss pedals: overpriced when you buy them new and not always as good as other, cheaper pedals. They make some great ones but the GE-7 is pretty weak.


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I appreciate all of you sharing your opinions and , ahmm, "settings". I suppose I'll jsut tinker a bit more. Thanks for the lesson in what is and isnt hard rock, I had no idea.
1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom (Black Beauty)
1980 Marshall JMP 2204