It is just a reverse power chord?
or a triad i know it uses the notes D C G so i thought it might have just been a Csus2
anyway thanks =]
according to guitar pro its a C6add9
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Well it depends whether you're using the open strings or not, i wouldn't say its a Csus2 since the voicing leans more towards a Gsus4

But with the open E and A, its gone way over my head

Its an Em/minor6/add4 or something, if you consider the A being the 4th and the C being a minor 6th

Basically dude, if you find a place for that in a song, i salute you

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Thanks a lot ^^
yeah it sounds very out there with the open E and A but i guess it's good to experiment with weird sounds :]
While fiddling i found a nice little melody
------3-----/----1--let ring
------0----------- ------

sorry i'm not great at writing tabs =[
the chord is slowly strummed and as you hit the C quickly move the same finger to the B and slide up and then let the note ring it sounds quite nice