Hello, i just did my first "improvisation" or as close as it gets to one in the G minor pentatonic. Anyway, about the improvisation. The first half ( about 70% of the video ) was prepared. As in i created that improvisation a while ago, and polished it off in about half an hour. The second half was just though up so you'll notice some mistakes and minor pauses.

Any feedback, negative, positive, don't care, as long as i get feedback, tips, criticism. Also, the ending, well not exactly the ending, but the when i played the High E and B strings near the ending, that part doesn't sound good, i know, sounds horrible actually


P.S Sorry for the bad video quality, my camera is old

Also this probably doesn't matter, but I've been playing for three months on my own, taken lessons for 2 months, so overall I've been playing for 5 months.
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well for someone who's been playing for 5 months your doing just fine.

as said in the youtube comments try and make ur bends hit the right notes. use 2 or 3 fingers to bend for more support making it easier. also mix the pattern up a bit more.

but good job. your doing nicely
great work for 5 months. All i would say is what the other people said. watch the bends, also try to make your vibrato a little more smooth, without bending the note out of pitch too much. other then that, your doing good so far
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