Im desperate to get this working.

I have a tonelab st and have it hooked up to Reaper via USB. In the options/prefrences section it all appears setup correctly. But when I play there is no sound being recorded by reaper, like the volume level indicator doesnt even show anything when i play.

I not sure what info you need to help, but basically the tonelab is working, i am monitoring it through my headphones from the tonelab. And I can hear the sound.

I have no problems with audacity what so ever, but wanted to try reaper, but finding it very difficult to use.
OK, usual suspects.

Have you created a new track and armed it by hitting the little 'R' button on the left?

Sure that input is set to the tonelab in the preferences?

Installed the proper drivers for the tonelab?

Checked in the manual to make sure the tonelab doesn't have different settings?
thanks guys. finally figured it.

with the tonelab, by default the input first and last in reaper were set to tonelab 0 and tonelab zero. changed it to tonelab 0 and tonelab 1 and poof, magic, it works.

now i just gotta make this thing easier to use, its a lot more complicated than audaicty, but im sure the extra features are worth it.