"Hang Up" ... it may or may not be their only good song but goddamn that song is ****ing awesome.... it's like sitting on the porch in the summer after you just saw an awesome show and the beer store is about to close and someone shows up with a new case of High Life Light (or someone brings home a 30 rack of Bergen Bräu right as Tuodi closes) and then ya put the jam box waay up loud and forget how much you hate yer **** ass job.


^ oh yeah and it's about a dude... up the queer punx!

Some band form Alabama wanted me to be their friend on myspace and they said they were a pop-punk band... they sounded like this: http://www.myspace.com/carridale... I really wish there was a good way for me to explain to people that pop-punk should be like that one Parasites jam instead of this bull**** brocore crap.

Interesting factoid No. 166- THE PARASITES were based in Anniston, Alabama for about 3 years... weird huh?
Parasites are pretty good. Such a big discography, lots and lots of EP's and 7"s. You should check out the new album, it's really catchy and fun.

The Ergs! do a cover of Hang Up, and it's pretty awesome. It was one the myspace for a while, but I think it's coming out eventually on a Parasites tribute.