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Swedish is really cool... I wish I knew it... but it's really only useful in Sweden and everyone speaks English there. So instead I learned a truley useless language... Italian.

If I spent all this time learning Swedish I'd be able to understand MASSHYSTERI's righteous jams.

The music reminds me of '77 punk but in the best sense of the term. It's tight as ****, not pop-punk, not hardcore but just the awesome kinda punk that got you into this **** in the first place. I'd say they're on the same level as ALLERGIC TO BULL**** / BLACK RAINBOW, THE TERRIBLES, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS, NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS and all those awesome bands that you allready love.

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I want your music collection so hard.
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I want your music collection so hard.


not to sound like a total suck up but you are one of the most if not the most insightful person regarding punk
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CBGB wants to be famous like the others such as Green Day and Offspring. They don't want to be a underground punk band.
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im swedish..and i think swedish is lame xD
I wish a was american and lived in the states
Svenska är ett tråkigt språk och ABBA är överskattade : D
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