Pit, I need a costume for a party, but I don't have time to go to the store before then. What's the best makeshift costume I can make with common household products?
Dude, go as a ghost. Take a sheet and punch two eye holes and you're good to go.
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manliest string guage? barbed wire.

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wear a piece of cardboard that says nudist on strike

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Stick a baby doll to your butt and say you're a babysitter or wear a cap, attach a leaf to the end with a piece of string. When they ask what you are, blow and say you're a leaf blower.
run strings through a cereal box and wear it around your neck, stab it will a pocket knife or something and leave it in, you are now a "cereal" killer. i did it for halloween as a last minuite costume =D
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Put a lampshade on your head.

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