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I always think I need a haircut, and then I finally do it and get it cut, not too much but either way I hate the way my hair first looks after a haircut. anyone ever feel that?
every single time.
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I know it sucks, it takes about a 4 days or so to get used to it again but I hate it now
Not really. I cut mine once a year. It grows fairly long and then I shave it all off. It looks great both times. Maybe because i'm just very sexy.
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i dont mind it i just hate the effort of getting up off my arse to walk down

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my hairdresser is fit. result.

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my hairdresser is fit. result.

All hairdressers appear to be blonde and orange in my experience. Though I hate haircuts, it's never how you wanted it.
I can't remember, I haven't had a cut for 1.5 years +
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I hate haircuts!
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Nope, I look good however long or short my hair is .

That and I get it cut for free by my friends who dont suck at it.
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Yeah, first few glances, it sucks, always.
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Usually, if i think my hair is getting too long, i think "right, gonna get it cut today, gonna get it cut today" but on the day that i am actually meant to be getting it cut, i think it looks fantastic, so its hard to see it go.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
I hate sitting there for 20 minutes to get the damn haircut, don't really care for the result.
yes, everyone, or nearly everyone hates them..
so be a man, and go take a **** on a car..

but seriously, dont cut your know youre not gonna like what it looks like afterwards, so dont bother..
Only when my bangs get long. Right now they are perfect, they are at the tip of my nose when wet and as soon as they dry, they cover my eyebrows. And besides I like my hair.
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Nope, I've never had a bad haircut in my life, you'd have to be a pretty shoddy hairdresser to mess up a skinhead to be fair though.

I've not got my haircut in about three years now but I do still miss the experience e.g the sound of the razor next to your ear, etc, etc.
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I'm having a haircut in like 20 minutes My hair needs a whole chunk off. Im not sure if ill like it after.

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You bet. If its the slightest cut to much, i'll notice it and immediately hate it. I'm growing my hair out a bit.. But my mums like oh you need a haircut everyday.

A haircut a day keeps the lice away

Edit: I've just come back from having mine cut, and he cut it a bit shorter than I would have liked. Brace for complains from the girlfriend, also

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Am I the only one who keeps putting off getting a haircut, but then as soon as I get it cut I like it a lot more?
Yes, That's why I haven't gotten one in a few years.

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I went through a few years of growing my hair and hating haircuts. Then recently, I had it cut short and think it looks loads better. And people don't think I'm stoned all the time too.

I still hate going to hairdressers though.
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I always think I need a haircut, and then I finally do it and get it cut, not too much but either way I hate the way my hair first looks after a haircut. anyone ever feel that?

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haircuts are fantastic!

and then you look in the mirror.
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my hairdresser is fit. result.

Best thing is when they have huge ass titties and are slightly short that way they gotta stand on their toes and you get a face full of boobies WIN!!!

but now i just cut my own hair.
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I haven't willingly gotten a haircut for the past 3-4 years. Curse my mom and her full, long hair, with the power to make main remain short! Ahh!!
I dont like gettin my haircut, I always think my hair looks really gay right after its cut.
I know a guy who's punishment is gettin a haircut, yeah, he looooves his long hair
ah well, twice a year aint that bad for me, my hairs long enough so I don't miss it if an inch vanishes

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