Yeah it's very short. it sucks too. But anyways I posted it.
No need for some pussy constuctive critism, just say it straight: YOU SUCK GTFO
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It's decent. If you mute the solo. Change the solo. NOW!

dude what I said about constuctive critism
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O and you suck donkeyballs, not only as an musician but in life

that's better thanks
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that's better thanks

You are not worthy of thanking me. I really hope you get cancer and die an slow and painful death.

Or is this too much ??
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And this could have been such a fun thread.

But I actually liked the song. It was pretty cool... Sorry
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Oh man... hope that guy won't get banned or anything
it was good, but some things in the solo didn't sound all that good...
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Oh man... hope that guy won't get banned or anything

Lol, I actually don't mind getting banned, Besides just joking. I like it, except for the solo as I mentioned before
Intro was pretty cool, too Major for me though. I liked the lead. I think you should add some strings to the song though. The bend to 3 was a little overdone. Pity it was so short though. If you want to crit mine, they're in my sig.