When someone tells you to learn guitar or you say, "Hey, I wanna learn how to play guitar". When have you officially learned how to play guitar? Or what does it take to 'learn' guitar? Does it just take learning a bunch of chords and how to play lots of songs?
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one extreme, is if you learn 2 or 3 simple open chords, and can strum along to a song. i guess that would class as 'learning the guitar', in a sense.

the other extreme, once you can play every song in the world, perfect. on expert mode.

(ignore expert mode comment)

but yeah, there isn't really a set definition for when you've learnt the guitar.
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You "learn" guitar when you're happy with it.

You are always learning. Jeff Beck was good, but he wasn't happy with it, and switched to fingerpicking.
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I think the real question is 'when can you say that you can play the guitar?' Which would probably be the same answer.
you start learning the first time you grab your guitar wanting to learn
you end learning when you quit / die
It really goes on for as long as you like. The more you play the more you learn. the more you learn the better you get overall.
you never stop learning to play the guitar. i'm a reasonably good player but i learn new licks and progressions all the time.
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saying you "learned guitar" is like saying you, learned to paint or to write.

instead, you can phrase it differently.

"i'd like to start learning guitar."

"i play guitar, at a beginning, intermediate or expert level."

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In my opinion you are constantly learning because everything you see and hear changes the way you play and the way you interpret music.
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You never stop learning, and the curse of the guitar player is to never be satisfied with what you can do or what you know...there's always something new to discover.
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I'm gonna take this another direction. It depends on what you want to do. If you want to be in a cover band then it takes learning 3 hours worth of songs. If you want to get laid in college just learn 2 or 3 popular songs. And if you want to start a band and contribute to the art of music, it starts with the first song you write and continues till the day you fatally overdose.