does anyone else use there ring finger on the string then just pick it to get a pinch harmonic instead of the pick then thumb it thing?
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I've never heard of harmonics being done that way. I don't think it's actually a "pinch", but still a cool technique for harmonics. I imagine it would have a different sound than a pinch...I'll have to try it out.
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It's the same idea as a pinch and after doing them a few times it sounds pretty much the same, except that i can't do it that quick.
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It's the same idea as a pinch and after doing them a few times it sounds pretty much the same, except that i can't do it that quick.

so its not like a pinch.

this is usually done on an acoustic as it rings clearer then a pinch harmonic could acoustically, ive seen people like eric johnson and such using it on chords. it is essentially a tapped harmonic so you can achieve the same not as a pinched harmonic.

however the point of a pinch harmonic is to be able to get that sound quickly. so keep practicing your pinch harmonics.
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Uh no it is a pinch harmonic. Pick or artificial harmonics are what most people think are pinch harmonics, but the motion that the TS is doing is pretty much the same idea as a normal pinch harmonic but the pinch is done between either the middle touching the string at the octave and ring finger plucking the string or done the same way with the first and middle fingers.
To get the harmonic to ring out, you have to make a pinching sort of motion.
The man for this is Tommy Emmanual, look up his version of Somewhere over the rainbow and he does it in the intro.
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well what ever it is it sounds the same as a pinch harmonic and its easier

Hm, maybe I'll have to try this then.
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wait. so where do you place your ring finger? in the same spot your thumb would hit the string if you were doing the pinch harmonic where you pick following with your thumb?
Even after playin for 2 years I still don't quite understand those pinch harmonics