ive been looking for compressors, and ive pretty much narrowed it to the boss cs-3, mxr dyna comp, and mxr super comp. I've heard the dyna comp has issues with excess noise, but how does that compare to noise from the other two? Also, I was reading a review on the dyna comp, and one guy said it has an internal noise gate that you can get to if you take off the back http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/MXR-M102-Dyna-Comp-Compressor-Pedal?sku=151101 (its the review with the title lets get this straight....) If any of you have ever had or used a dyna comp, is this true and if so does it fix the noise issue? Also, is the super comp much of an improvement from the dyna?

i just found the line 6 constrictor too. its got a build in noise gate control which seems pretty cool.
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ive had the Dyna Comp for years now, and yes it does make a hell of a lot of noise BUT you can take the back off like the guy i the review says and turn a little screw to the left and the hissing will go away completely!, so yea id defiantly recommend the Dyna Comp.
I want details on this "Little Screw" deal.

The Dyna Comp does make a lot of noise but if you keep the sensitivity knob at a reasonable level ( about 11'oclock or so) the noise isn't really an issue. much after than and a noise gate would have to kick in.
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does the dyna comps noise become an issue when you combine it with distortion or just when you have it set with a clean channel?
have you checked out the Visual Sound Comp66? Its a tweaked dyna comp copy and is supposed to be very quiet right out of the box. it goes for $100 musiciansfriend.com

I've never known VS to make a bad product

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