Basically, I've found an 18" Trace Elliot cab, built in the UK & I'm really considering adding it to my rig along with another head/power amp to run it, it's got a 300 watt power rating, so I'm looking for something about there. I'll be running it in stereo alongside my Hartke LH500 Head & Marshall VBC 412 Cab. What would be a head that would nicely compliment my current set up?
Also, if I run my pedals through one amp & leave the other clean, wich would generally sound better?

My current basses if you want to know:

Fender P Bass Special (tuned to Eb)
Traben Chaos Obsession (tuned to E Standard)
Dean Demonator (tuned to Drop C#)

Note: This is the same cab as what I'm looking at http://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/msg/1266059866.html
But the one I found has hardly been used
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generally this works better when the cabs are stacked so if you can do it even better. Dry on the bottom and wet on top. What about another lh500, that would do the job.
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Another LH500 is the way to go
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