Just finished this one.. It's a collab that I kind of threw the kitchen sink at. It started as a guy singing with some guitar and a little bit of ambient strings, I went in and added piano, double bass, violin section, viola section, orchestra percussions, synths, drums, sound fx, back up vocals and a lot of other goodies.. I was pretty sure when I was done John who sent me a very naked track was going to ask 'wtf did you do to my song man' but it turns out he may be as odd as me because he liked it.


Here are the results..
Wow, that was very good. Well arranged and mastered and whatnot. I wish it was longer, but that's not up to you if the guy sent you a song he had already written. The snare drum is kind of off-beat some of the time. Tell John he wrote a very good song. I would have liked a fuzzed-out guitar solo at the end but that may just be me, it's up to you. The intro after the engine sounding noises made me a little bit nervous about the rest of the song, I wasn't so much a fan of whatever instrument that was, sounded kind of like a harp.

Overall, this is great. One of the best if not the best thing I've heard on this site. Great work!
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I agree with guitarded a solo at the end would've just made this perfect. But it's very good as is.
WOW.. thanks everyone..

This room never ceases to amaze me (in a good way).. of all the forums I associate with, I generally think of this one as most hard rock/metal guitar influenced.. yet it seems to also be one of the places where when I put up a piece that is not hard/metal I get some of the most suprising feedback..

I was an original metalhead back in da day.. (and can still weild a heavy axe when the mood strikes) *L*.. just goes to show, one can find the most open minds amongst the lot..

Appreicate the time and thoughts everyone.. much made my day.. quite unexpected..