This was my first guitar i got it about 5 years ago maybe 4. It says Woods Instruments on the Headstock. I have never seen another with the same brand. Does anyone have any info on the brand? the guitar plays great nd i love it it say the model is w91 but there is no serial number. Any help is appreciated.
Nope, Never heard of them. Could you please upload some songs and let us know how the guitar sounds?
it was cheap but it sounds really good and plays awesome. And i catn upload sound clips i dont have any thing to record with
Why didn't you jsut google the name? It took me two seconds to google their name and I found their website... yet you've waisted you time and others with this.....
I never have difficulty 'performing' it right away with whistles, hums, 'grunts' and percussion.
From what I got on google, your guitar was made either in 2005, or from 2005 on. The sites were unclear.
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