My co-guitarist in my band is planning on getting one of these soon and I was with him when he tried it out in-store. It sounded ok, although, it wasn't anywhere near cranked, and I didn't have my amp going in tandem to get a comparison. I've never heard much of any praise about them or even seen them mentioned on UG so I'm taking that as a sign that theyr nothing to write home about, let alone post about. Correct me if I'm wrong.

My m8 (co-guitarist) is a sick guitarist but isn't the most knowledgable person when it comes to amps or tone yet (To quote him from a jam a couple of weeks back, when he brought a certain pedal from home to replace his usual ME-50: "Sounds freakn sweet hey?" *referring to Gibson LP Studio -> Boss MT-2 -> Fender FM 212R...*)

Basically what I want to know, for his future sake (when his ears are a lil better at judging tone) and the overall tone of the band, is:

Will a Mode 4 sound good next to a good high gain tube amp?

(I consider my Genz Benz El Diablo head to be a pretty good quality tube amp, certainly one of the most versatile amps I've ever heard and it can nail a heap of high gain tones. Also it has sweeet cleans.)

Our sound atm is pretty much around Tool/ Orange Goblin/ Black Label Society/ Karnivool.
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I heard a band recently that was using a Mode 4

The guitarist on the left had a triple rec, and the one on the right had a mode 4. To be honest I was impressed about how it was holding its own. They are good amps, and I think highly under rated. I wouldn't say it sounded as good as the Boogie, but it definitely held its own against it.
They're not bad, but not amazing. They're overpriced and they're not quite as good sounding as older Marshall SS/VS amps.

The Mode 4 cabs are godlike though.
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