We've just starting out and we've doing some home recording on a little 8 track. Currently we only have one fully completed recording. There should be more appearing pretty soon. We've got about 6 WIPs at the moment.


We're looking for a singer so if anyone from Gloucestershire area happens to read this and is interest don't hesitate to message me. For now we've just got our rhythm guitarist filling in so you can get a rough idea...

Any thoughts, comments and critiques are welcome.
Hey There :-)

Just had a listen to the track on your myspace!

Firstly I'll congratulate you on a decent mix- I can hear everything pretty well which is a good start when your trying to critique something :P secondly- i wouldn't say theres anything really wrong with your current vocalist! He seems perfectly capable of singing. The whole instrumentation sounds pretty spot on- in terms of songwriting though I think how critical I can be really depends on your target audience- this track is long and very repetitive, the melody has relatively little variation, the guitars have very little variation and your drummer must get so bored of that drumbeat! I know there are plenty of bands who can make one riff last a whole song (i know you do have a sort of bridge in the middle somewhere so it's not QUITE the whole song) but perhaps you could look into the techniques they use to keep the track interesting- Dynamics for example, perhaps the first time round could be without drums, the drums could be minimal to start with and build up on each repetition- similarly the guitar part could start off simpler and build up (see "godspeed you! black emperor" for great examples of gradual build ups) After the bridge section perhaps the drummer could come in with a heavier/different beat to mix it up a bit

Basically this song is inoffensive and listenable, but very little seems to change throughout the song- variation is the key to keeping your audience's attention- keep them on their toes!

I hope my criticism has helped you and I would greatly appreciate any criticism on my own project:


xx matt
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Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and thanks for your comments!

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