Okay heres the problem,you know how in most of the action movies theres that dumb big thug guy who before the fight crunches his fist so hard that you can hear his joints,you know how people like to crumble their fingers so you hear that cracking sound of bones,yeah that...Well it doesnt have so much to do with the problem(not sure of it tho)but i can do it too,yeah...Now for the serious problem,im a guitar player in a month and a half an exam for a Music Academy,which i need to pass ofcourse...The problem is a few moments ago my index finger started to hurt...At first it was like i kinda sprained it...But there was practically no obvious dammage(i have to say that i didnt crack fingers,its like it just happened,i think i was opening the door),my fingers middle joint(whats the middle of the finger called anyway? )started to hurt,its just a little dull now doenst hurt,but when i stretch it like im gonna do a Barre it hurts...But it hurts like im sticking a needle into the finger(right on the bottom of the middle),so im seriosly kinda psyched and scared about this...i mean i had worse issues but its just that i dont have time for it to regenerate...or else im screwed...from what i've noticed,the finger still has its strength and speed but when i stretch it it hurts as said above...Im thinking of seeing a doctor as soon as possible but i was interested if you guys would help me out...Thank you.Oh yes and the finger doesnt hurt always just when i stretch it.

edith btw the finger kinda feels like its always on tension...like im always kinda using the muscle.
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crack it again. it may hurt but it will help. i get that sometimes, and for the love of gods green earth learn to ****ing punctuate. that was so difficult to read.

see how hardit is to readstuff when i type like this?and after punctuationidont put any space?it makesit so hard to read.