I just got a new Schecter Tempest Custom today and although I didn't play it before I bought it today, I have played that one before.

When I got it home I plugged it in with just my distortion pedal and amp. The clean tone is nice, but when i go to distortion it sounds a little muddy.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I can try?
it depends on your setup (amps,pedals)
you need to tweak out the setting to find a sound you personally like,
cause what might sound muddy to you can sound good to someone else,
but in general you need to lower the gain, that's what helps me.
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Oh, and a Marshall MG30

Theres your problem

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Quote by Capataincrunch
Oh, and a Marshall MG30

There's your problem (EDIT: damn )
And yes, I know what I'm talking about, no bandwagon here
But seriously, the MG IS very muddy.
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More mids, less bass. I found with my AVT the biggest improvement in sound came from changing the speaker. This might help you some.
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Skip your pedaLS,GO DIRECT INTO YOUR AMP.Don't use fx input.see what you get.It's prob your amp overdriving
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if the clean tone is nice and the distortion tone isn't it is pretty much always a problem with either your amplifier or the distortion pedal that you are using.
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What pickup are you playing?

Clean nice, distortion muddy sounds like you are using the neck pickup.
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May seem a bit of a weird question, but how are you listening to your amp? is it on the floor, or facing upwards towards you?

This usually brings some issues with finding your sound i feel. You listen to your amp when its on the floor and the speaker is away from you and tweak, then you go mic it up and your tone sounds like gunk because you didn't face the speaker.

Also another problem might be that your using your distortion and the amps distortion?

Also, what distortion pedal is it? Ones like boss mt-2 etc can always be a bit too scooped and muddy.
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