just wondered if any one has used the perfect pitch program by david lucas burge or knew anyone that did i read s few places people saying you have to be born with it to obtain it but i dont belive thati belive with hard work and dedacation you can learn it
No program is going to give you perfect pitch, they are scams. You can have a great ear, but most likely not what they call perfect pitch.
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this man hits the nail on the head.
I tried it but didn't make it very far before losing interest.
One of the first things he has you do is start decrypting diads
no im not paying a hundred so dollars on something thats not guarnteed....
and if you just sit down and practice it cant be that hard to get. i can just listen to a song and play it
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yeah theres no doubt it takes alot of effort but you do got like 40 days to try it out and if you dont like it send it back and get a full refund
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One of the first things he has you do is start decrypting diads
make sense, ive been doing that too

really, jut train your own ear, it will come
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You have to be born with perfect pitch. If not then you can do your best to memorize pitches and have really good relative pitch but it will never be perfect.

EDIT: ^That ear training app thingy is really good, use it.