sounds promising, although i think the quality of the recording could be improved as well as some of the vocals, but nevertheless quite good. Hope to hear more songs from you
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You need better recordings. If you get bigger, sort out the website by getting a proper domain. Further, sort out the bio's about members kicked out and stuff, it comes across bad and is unneeded information.
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Hey there,

Just having a listen through-

The Aftermath- The opening riff is pretty cool- but its still going and i'm over a minute in! I feel like I might be due a change at some point... or some vocals :-) oh okay it was an instrumental... well, i have to say it was a bit long winded- while your lead guitarist is pretty good for his age, i think playing whole instrumental tracks is perhaps a little ambitious for the moment- if you listen to any instrumental guitarist (satriani, steve vai, guthrie govan) none of them will solo over the same riff for 5 minutes! if your gonna keep this track going it might be an idea to mix it up a little bit to keep people interested!

Rampart- The mix on this track is pretty interesting- you appear to have guitar and vocals in the left ear, and bass in the right. I think this song could probably do with a couple more riffs in it- the one riff starts to get a bit repetitive- 4 minutes of the same riff over and over and even the best riff starts to lose it's allure! I like the way the soloing has been approached in this track though- a shorter solo keeps the listeners interest a bit more!

Tripod- Structurally i think this song is a lot more interesting, the melody on the guitar sounds like it could do with a bit of attention in order that it works a bit better with the bass. It sounds like it could do with a little bit more practice- in places you guys don't sound as tight as you possibly could but that's the sort of thing that just comes with time and experience!

Anyway, keep up the good work, and keep rocking

I would love to hear your criticisms of my band:

xx matt
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