I was thinking of busking over the summer with my guitar but the problem is, i dont really know what i can play, i cant sing so i just want to play some instrumentals that are quite interesting. Can anyone reccomend some easy but interesting songs i could learn. I am quite good at the guitar and can play some complex songs so if there is anything i should learn then say it and ill see what i can and cant play.
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Honestly any good acoustic song works for busking, especially if you can sing.
i cant sing so i'm really looking for just a good instrumental song i can play on my own.
A lot of Blues songs sound good without singing... Cliffs of Dover would be sweet; really hard to play though.
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start with the classic beatles songs, or whatever music you like dude. find the most popular artist in the genre you enjoy
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Think of well known songs like Sweet Child o' Mine. Songs where people will instantly recognise the riffs and stuff. Maybe find someone to sing with you and split the moolah.

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Do you not think i can make any money out of this?

Depends on what city you're in and how good you are.

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People don't really want to see complex guitar songs, it would be a lot better with an acoustic and singing.

Free Fallin by Tom Petty and Father and Son by Cat Stevens. Easy and fun.
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Do something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WemyZStyOWs&feature=channel

He plays the vocal melody on guitar, keeps the bassline, and even hits harmonics to get the droning sound The Edge does, all on acoustic. It's not "technical" as in it's shredding, but it does require a lot of effort to sound good. People go crazy for stuff like what the kid plays in the video, so if you do something along the same lines, you should be able to make some money.
Play some stuff from Bed of Razors. Pirate music


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i cant sing so i'm really looking for just a good instrumental song i can play on my own.

get yourself a singer boy and start doing acoustic pop songs.
Team up with a singer. Thats what I did. Country is really big down here, so we sat in the hall of our high school in the morning, opened our cases and ran through some songs while people threw money in. I hate playing country, but Im not gonna complain about making $30 bucks in an hour by playing 3 chords. My point, get a singer.
Yeah, like what the last 3 people just said. Find a singer.
Play some classic, but good songs.

After that get another guitarist, and then a drummer and a bassist and then BAM.
You got a band and a chance to really wow people with your skillz.
you could always play the vocal melody on the guitar and use a backing track for the other instruments
get a singer and do these songs:

I Will Follow You Into The Dark-Death Cab For Cutie

I'm Yours-Jason Mraz

To Be With You-Mr. Big

More Than Words-Extreme

these will get you money AND women
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