oh my. he HAD to have been toying with the cops. thats why he got out the car right?

i dont think anobody could be so stupid as to think they would get away from the cops like that.....
pretty clever but when you got that many cruisers after you and a chopper you're fuked!
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Anything with the Benny Hill song is funny.

AKA Yakety Sax...

And it's amazing how maneuverable that little POS is.
Purple string dampener scrunchy.

case in point: the holocaust.
Hahahahahahahahahah hahahaha har har har
Quote by McTodd

case in point: the holocaust.

I cant believe I laughed at that.
Purple string dampener scrunchy.
Looks like someone watched Smokey And The Bandit too many times. But still... That was pretty damn hilarious. My favorite part was when the person actually got out for a second and walked next to the car...
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Cover your ears(or they WILL be raped) that is ****ing great

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To me:
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In fact, I almost ALWAYS agree with YourDad.

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One of the best replies ever.

In the same thread

Do you love Arsis?
That was pretty amusing. I lol'd


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I'm gonna need specific instructions again on how to properly dance with my pants on my head.
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First you put your pants on your head.
Second you dance.
Third you wipe off all the pussy.
Ghostridin' at 0:34

So 1337

...modes and scales are still useless.

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I laughed a few times.
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God, you've gotta be UG's only moron!

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that's right,you certainly are UG's only moron.

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Read the moron's posts, ironically enough he knows what he says.
Wow... a video that makes scions look cool. Never thought it could happen.
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this was funny because of the music, but i hope the woman goes a long time in jail
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There is longer version without speedup, IMHO that's much better
Haha this is right next to where I live.
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Saw this on a show, it actually was a woman behind the wheel.
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I like this guy's thinking.
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case in point: the holocaust.

I just imagined that and chuckled a little bit.

I'm going to hell....