Hiya :-)

Just taking a listen-

Track by track!!!

Under the influence- I wouldn't say this track sounds incredibly original- but the ideas are all good, the guitar and drums work well together, the vocal ideas are good but the execution is a bit lacking- bit more practice and this song should be fine- would've liked to hear the guitar a bit more but yeah, plenty of potential in this track. Screaming sounded a bit thin- maybe experiment with your micing technique- I find sm58 and quite a bit of compression, bring up the lowmids should make the scream sound a bit fuller- but everyones scream is different so just experiment with it!

The Triumph- Intro is sounding pretty epic- rain, soundbytes, warbling guitar! pretty long intro but it sets the scene pretty well- the singing in this track seems a bit out in terms of timing, hes just a little bit late on some of the phrasing. Liking the guitar harmonies in this track, once again though the guitars a little bit quiet for my liking! overall the track is pretty well written- has all the elements you expect from the sort of emo/screamo genre. I wouldn't say theres anything in this song that makes you different from the other emo/screamo bands out there though- i'm not sure if you want to be different though.

And A Bullet- is this the same singer? I'm hearing vibrato and fairly good pitching so I'm guessing at some stage you had a different singer, if this is a different singer i'd get him back- if it's the same singer get him to sing more like this song haha :-) some groovy pinch harmonics in this track- once again i don't hear anything here that makes you stand out from the crowd of other emo/screamo bands but i don't know if thats your aim or not.

Overall i think your doing what your doing pretty well- a bassist and a second guitarist would help you fill out your sound a lot more, and once you've got those other members in your band you would really benefit from doing a proper studio recording- but until you've got a full lineup well rehearsed its not worth spending that money. I think the addition of extra band members will also help you find your own sound a lot more, so it's not really that much of an issue at this stage in your bands development.

Anyway, good luck and keep rocking!

p.s if you would give my band some crit it would be greatly appreciated:

xx matt
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First off; thanks for giving the most thorough comment I've ever gotten from anybody haha.

Returning the favor:

Geomancer: The sweet little clean interlude was something I've always wanted to incorporate into our songs. That was really sweet! And I've always been a sucker for guitar harmonies, so that whole part before that was pretty cool.

This is where it ends: I like the thrash punk feel to it; I think because its a different tempo right from the start- right in your face haha. I can definitely see that the technical chops are down in this song in terms of off beats and stuff. This song has a lot of different dynamics; like the whole guitars responding off each other and stuff.

Filtered: The off beat riff at the beginning caught my attention; and It was real nice hearing how it repeats throughout the song. Oh yeah. The guitar sweeps before the solo was nice, the guitar solo was intense!

Sapphire (series): I got lost following the melody; which is good because I'd get in a pit with these songs for sure haha.

Time Won't save us: The intro was a small but good showcase of the different techniques you guys got. Love the breakdown when everything gets quiet.

One thing I would say; it is hard to hear the bass when the whole band is playing on the songs overall. I think its the tone, but maybe its just me.But the times the bass is heard; it certainly makes a statement and not just following root notes haha.

You guys definitely show promise for the future, I wouldn't mind going to a show if you guys played across the pond haha. I will definitely try those suggestions you've given us; those are certainly some ideas I'm willing to try.

In response to the whole singer thing; we actually lost our singer a couple weeks before our show, so I ended up taking responsibilities for it. I'll be the first to admit its not exactly the coolest sound, but we turned out pretty happy that things worked out. I'm still learning everything and absorbing what I can when it comes to singing; It was the day of our first show when I got in front of a mic with an audience! haha. But yes, thanks for your words and taking the time to actually listening to the songs. It means a lot for support and I hope you guys make it big!

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